The support plan for the Japanese painting artist
Greetings from the representative

In the Autumn of 2009, when I had just turned 60, I thought it was time to start investing in some projects for a good purpose. Doctors didn't follow my instructions, architects had too many different points of view, so through elimination, I thought about artists. Throughout the world, there are a considerable number of artists working in a western style, so that there would hardly be a chance of achieving much success in supporting any of these. Japanese painting is renowned worldwide but there appear to be far fewer of these specialists, compared with those painting in the western styles. , For this reason, I decided that there could be a high probability of giving a supported artist the chance to succeed. I decided to support and promote those painting in the Japanese style and increase the popularity of Japanese painting throughout the world.

Every year since then, several painters who have completed their education at the University of Fine Arts in Tokyo have joined the company. At the moment, more than 20 painters are working for us. In the near future, I would like to permit other painters, without a qualification from the University of Fine Arts in Tokyo, to also apply. The criteria for employment are 1) a considerable talent. 2) The decision to work throughout life as a painter. 3) Not to be financially independent.

From 2011, each person working under the painter support plan decided to create a painting on the same theme for a paper fan. Each artist produced 5 paintings and from 4 participants, we had 20 works of art.

When the World-Bonsai-Conference 2017 took place in Saitama City, paper fans with Bonsai themes from the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum and all the Bonsai gardens were produced and displayed at the conference centre, which met with a very positive resonance. More than 110 paper fan paintings have been created so far.

In April 2020 the support plan for Japanese style paintings entered its eleventh year. I took this opportunity to start up the homepage of the painter support plan in Japanese style.

Apart from showing several paintings by the supported artists, we have an overview page for individual exhibitions, collective exhibitions, painting courses, and also a page which enables customers to order paintings from their favourite artists. We aim to create a homepage with considerably more content, which will take everything into consideration which is necessary for all those, who would like to become friends of the support plan.

The support plan for Japanese style artists will continue to be promoted globally on the website, whilst we are developing cultural and information material, concentrating on paintings in Japanese style with their unique impact. Thank you for your cooperation.

18th August 2020
Representative of the artist support plan
Director of the Department of Dermatology
at Saint Louis Skin Care
Dr. HIdeyasu Takata